Our mission is to provide the best quality solutions combining display technology with design in glass architecture everywhere where absolute minimalism and unique design are of the most importance.

Latet is an innovative product, made on individual order, delivered ready to install according to an individual project. Product is well-secured in a solid, wooden box. Latet products are available only from selected dealers.


Glass and aluminium - from the very beginning Latet technology aim was to distinguish from solutions available on the market. We focus on flexibility and quality what makes each product exceptional. Having impressive size, the whole glass pane's surface requires solid footing. Following certain requirements we implemented professional system solutions provided by BOSCH. Since that moment Latet product has become extremely constructional and modular. Panes used in the production process are of the best quality glass from renowned suppliers.
Our co-operation with manual and digital glass processing specialists resulted in creating Latet technology offered in three versions of pane:


Effective, subtle, deep reflection. Graphite pane is a decorative mirror harmoniously adjusting to the surrounding and constituting an excellent element in both classic and modern interiors. Graphite pane gives slightly dimmed area reflection providing toned effect in comparison to the standard mirror. The most desirable feature complementing Graphite pane is its screen full disappearance after switching off. It is very desirable feature in current trends. The most precious remains invisible...


Mirror... In this case, the most important is actually the real mirror! Crystal pane is the perfect solution for all applications where natural reflection is crucial. Asking yourself how practically and at the same time elegantly should I install a TV set in my bathroom, probably you will not have many options. Crystal pane fits perfectly not only as an impressive mirror for daily usage but provides access to television and multimedia, what would seem impossible in such places, as well. Perfect examples of Crystal pane usage are hairdressers, beauty salons, hotel bathrooms.


I do not want a mirror! If so, consider Personal pane. You can easily configure Latet pane in any of RAL palette colours with any high-quality graphics, using a wide range of hand-made decorations prepared by experienced specialists, as well. Personal pane's best description is.... creative freedom. For business purpose, however, you gain unlimited possibilities in presenting your brand. Possibilities, unlimited possibilities.

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